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Best Affordable Dollhouse for Toddlers


Little girls LOVE dollhouses – and the Loving Family Dollhouse is PERFECT for toddlers and little girls. We bought one when she was 3 and she is STILL playing with it years later (she is 7 now – totally got my money’s worth!) See the Loving Family Dollhouse Here. We bought the dollhouse and all […]

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Best Toy Organizers


What happens whenever kids get a bunch of new toys? Yep, you guessed it, their playroom and/or bedroom becomes a disorganized disaster! ==>>  See all Top-Rated Toy Organizers Here As a Mom, the best advice I can give is to be sure that you have the proper toy organizers so everything has a place that […]

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Best Kid-Proof Tablet For Kids


Heck of a deal right now on these awesome Kindle Fire HD tablets for kids! Bought these for my grandkids to use at the house because I THOUGHT they were not really as good as an iPad and I wouldn’t use them. I was SO wrong.  The Kindle Fire Tablets are fantastic! And yes, the […]

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VTech Go Go Smart Wheels RC Toys Review

Product Review – Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway Toy vehicles are a must-have for all little boys (and even the big boys), and it’s so heartening to see how toy manufacturers are stepping up their game and coming out with edgier, sleeker, and more innovative toy cars. The Vtech Go! Go! Smart […]

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Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Car Review

Product Review – Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car Nothing could be more futuristic than cars that take to the air and fly to their destinations. Hot Wheels is bringing that vision into reality, although in miniature versions, with the Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car.   How Much? For only $49.99, you […]

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Catan Board Games Review

Product Review – Catan Board Games With so many board games to choose from, you may find it a daunting task to pick out what to play with. You should make it a point to include Catan Board Games in your collection, and enjoy a fun and exciting time with family and friends! How Much? […]

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Tiggly Learning Toys Review

Product Review – Tiggly Words Kids today are really lucky, what with the wide selection of interactive learning toys that will let them learn while playing. One of these interactive learning toys that is getting a lot of praises and reaping awards is Tiggly Words, a new learning system for tablets and similar devices for […]

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ThinkFun Maker Studio Building Set Toys Review

  Product Review – ThinkFun Maker Studio Construction Sets Get your kids’ creative gears into motion with ThinkFun’s Maker Studio Construction Sets. With these construction sets, you can inspire their imagination and get them to develop an interest and love for engineering.   How Much? Currently, there are three sets available: the Gears Set, the […]

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Sick Bricks Toy Review

Product Review – Spin Master Sick Bricks Your classic building blocks get the mobile gaming treatment in the Sick Bricks, the latest toy release from Spin Master. They are toys, and they are also collectibles, which make them a must-have for practically everybody!   How Much? The Sick Bricks as available as individual figures, each […]

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Matchbook Treasure Tracker Review

Product Review – Matchbox Treasure Tracker Treasure hunts are always guaranteed to give everyone a great time, and with Mattel’s Matchbox Treasure Tracker, a toy truck with a built-in metal detector, it’s double the fun for everyone, especially the little ones!   How Much? Available this fall, the Matchbox Treasure Tracker from Mattel will have […]

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